Preschool Teacher Requirements Knowledge

Preschool teacher requirements: Knowledge

The word ‘knowledge’, has very vast meaning, it encompasses almost all that is under the Sun. Knowledge for a preschool teacher, is first and foremost requisite. She is The First Teacher of a child, an authority to build or destroy a future of a human being. It is in her hands that a nation rests, a child that is to be introduced to the world.

As she has the opportunity, to introduce a child to this fascinating world, after the parents she should compassionate toward his needs like a mother. Ready to serve and satisfy his urges to discover, to feel and to learn about this new wonder they are in, that is called WORLD. She should understand the whole personality of that child, various planes on which developmental work of his personality is being carried out, by nature. A preschool Teacher should be ready mentally, physically and emotionally to impart knowledge that is relevant to that particular child’s need and requirement. One may say that how is it possible to attend to each child’s individual needs in a classroom full of children, so a training, devotion and dedication is the only answer to every preschool teacher.

To enter a classroom of preschoolers one has to have a sound knowledge as to what is to be taught? How it is to be taught? When it is to be taught? And to whom it is to be taught (to be aware of the age and their mental level). In a broader sense or at this age level, the knowledge should encompass world as a whole, reading, writing, numeracy, art, sciences etc. Why? Because their capability to grasp things in pieces and then joining parts is not very refined, for example; it will be difficult for them to understand ‘a stem’ as a part of a plant in isolation.

One has to keep in mind that the subjects that are chosen to be taught should be presented intelligently, in order to catch their interest as they have a very short concentration span. Therefore, a well prepared teacher is what is needed. A teacher who has understood the curriculum, prepared lesson and done good background research of the topic will be able to transfer the knowledge successfully.

A preschool teacher has to train her students to be physically, emotionally, morally and socially compatible to the society having well rounded personalities. She has to train Talent and Potential of Future of a nation. She is infact a gate way of Knowledge for her students.

In short, Teaching today should Serve tomorrow; it is only possible if we have intelligent, vigilant and responsible teachers with knowledge and training they can do wonders.