Preschoolers Recycle Drinking Straw Crafts

There are a variety of crafts kids can create using drinking straws.  It’s fun to show kids how they can invent something new from common household objects.  Drinking straws are an inexpensive and versatile craft supply.

Drinking Straw Crafts:  Beaded Necklaces

Children love to create their own jewelry and drinking straws are actually easy to cut into beads even with safety scissors.


Drinking straws in a variety of colors

String or yarn


Safety scissors

Trays or shoeboxes


Give children a tray or shoebox and model how to cut drinking straws into beads.  Since the beads will likely fly around, the tray or shoebox can help them keep their handmade beads organized.

Beading is a great fine motor activity for preschoolers.  A tight wrap of tape around the end of the string will make it easier to insert into their straw beads.  Don’t forget to make a big knot on the opposite end before they begin stringing their beads. 

This inexpensive craft is an educational activity that gives kids a fun necklace that can wear proudly.

Drinking Straw Crafts:  Tissue Paper & Straw Flowers

This is a super simple craft that kids can make in minutes to celebrate spring or for a Mother’s Day gift.


Recycled tissue paper

Drinking straws


Teach preschoolers how to tear or cut recycled tissue paper into approximately four-inch squares.  Now they will poke their finger into the center of the square and bunch the side up towards their finger.  Teach them to make a twist on the bottom center to insert into the straw.  They can spread out the “petals” to create a beautiful bloom. 

Snip the drinking straw flower stems to fit into a vase or wrap the bottoms with extra tissue paper to tie off into a bouquet that’s ready to give away.

Drinking Straw Crafts:  DIY Stick Puppets

Stick puppets can be made from a variety of common objects like craft sticks or even pencils but the what makes drinking straw stick puppets really cool is the adjustable head.


Drinking straws





Wiggly eyes

Let kids assemble paper and other craft scraps to create a puppet head about the size of their hand.  They can draw on facial features with markers or wiggly eyes really make homemade puppets come to life. 

Once their puppet head is complete simply tape it atop the drinking straw and let the story telling begin.