There are many skills that young children can learn while cooking with parents. Children can learn effective communication skills, team building skills, basic and advanced cooking techniques, time keeping , time management and many more useful skills that these young children can apply to everyday life situations.

Cooking itself is an art that requires a great deal of skill. Children who take an interest in cooking from an early age can make it into a part time business or full time career as they grow older. Children can learn to use a grater, food processor, potato peeler, cleaning and slicing of vegetables and many more valuable skills. Using utensils does require a certain degree of skill and it is important that an adult is supervising a young child who is using a knife to cut fruit or vegetables. Parents can also make using utensils fun and can teach the children certain skills which require artwork. This can be in the form of carving fruits in different shapes for desserts or making a salad more attractive to the eye. Children will pick up many artistic and creative skills while cooking with parents.

Children learn the importance of teamwork while working in the kitchen with parents. These are important life lessons that will stay with the child for a lifetime. Children need to learn to work as a team with other people . Cooking with parents in the kitchen can also teach children effective communication skills as people who are cooking together need to communicate and work together as a team. Miscommunication can also be addressed from a young age and the child learns the art of being tactful when engaging in communication with other people.

Children can also learn to multitask while cooking in the kitchen with parents. Multitasking is a skill that many people need to learn and should have learnt when they were very young. When one works in the kitchen there are many things that require the attention of an individual. This can be checking on food that is being prepared on the stove or in the oven, washing dishes, chopping vegetables and preparing salads all at the same time! This may sound quite difficult to a person who is unable to multitask but practise does make perfect. Children will also learn time management as multitasking does require one to mange time efficiently and effectively. Time keeping is also a skill that needs to be learnt from a young age. Certain foods require a specific amount of time to cook and children will have to be responsible and alert to see that the meals are taken out of the oven or off the stove in the set amount of time. An alarm can be used in order to remind one that the food is ready to be taken out of the oven.

Children who cook with their parents can become ‘master chefs’ as they grow older. Parents need to educate children about spices, the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables, combination of different herbs, spices and meats and marinating meat products. Parents should also teach children good hygiene habits in the kitchen and educate their little ones about food poisoning and safety in the kitchen. Children can also learn fire safety in the kitchen and what to do in an emergency.