Teacher Tips Favorite Outdoor Games and Activities

There are many fun outdoor games and activities for children. Some of the classic activities kids have enjoyed for years include potato sack races, kick ball, flying kits, soccer, scavenger hunts and red light green light.

Potato sack race – It doesn’t have to be a real potato sack, but any version of this classic game provides both fun and exercise for youngsters. You can use pillowcases or purchase potato sack race sacks from your local party store or on the Internet. You can have actual races or you can just let the kids get in and jump around. It is a fun time-tested activity.

Kick Ball – This fun game gets children moving in an enjoyable way. They will learn the basics behind sports as they kick the ball and run the bases. They will gain exercise and time in the sun. It is a fun game used in elementary schools for decades.

Flying kits – Flying kits is a fun activity to do a nice windy day. Kids love to watch their kits fly high in the air and are excited to be in control of such a thing. Just make sure you have enough room for the kites or let the kids take turns with one kite.

Soccer – This is a fun activity that can be done with very little. You just need a ball and either two nets or merely something to mark the area that would qualify as a goal. The kids will use up their energy in a fun way as they learn the dynamics behind this popular sport. It will also help them with coordination and their physical abilities.

Scavenger Hunt – You can place different clues in an outside playground or area and have the kids figure it out. This can provide both physical as well as mental exercise as the children strive to follow the clues. It can be exciting to them when they figure out a clue and solve the hunt.

Red light green light – This game may help kids improve their speed and reaction times and is lots of fun! Kids take off racing and then stop at your commands. It can also be a good one for getting energy out of the little ones.

It is important for kids to spend some time in the “grand old outdoors.” The activities above are just a few of the fun games that teachers can play with youngsters that will provide fun and physical exercise.