Teaching Children how to Read – No

Children will read when they want to read, and for most children this often occurs before grade one.  There is no way of teaching a child how to read too early.  The average child, depending on any developmental issues, is ready to learn from the environment around them the moment they exit the womb.  Children in their very smallest days, are already looking around themselves to discover life.  Therefore, a parent can begin instructing their child, from these earliest days, by simply talking to their child and reading them stories.  When a child becomes engaged in their atmosphere and those around them, specifically their parents, a child responds fully to the attention that is given by expressing him or herself in words.  Quite possibly, these expressions convey issues beyond their own comprehension. 

By the time a child is two years old, they may already know many words to express their needs and desires.  A two-year old may let someone read to them all day if possible, all the while, these simple stories are forming themselves in the mind of this child.  By three years old, a child may well be able to express themselves in full sentences, follow closely along in a book, and ask many questions, such as, “What letter does the word lion start with?”  Teach children how to recite their alphabet and write out the letters of the alphabet when you see the possibility at hand.  Once they can accomplish these tasks, they will better be able to recognize sounds and putting letters together to make words.  By intently observing your child and following their cues, you can accurately decide upon strategies of learning for your child as they approach the ages of four, five, and six.  

By reading to your child each day, you can certainly jump start the reading process.  It is difficult, with all of the evidence at hand, to set a particular age at which a child should begin to read. It is never too early for a child to learn the skills of reading.  Eventually, with encouragement, a child will begin to read on their own.  Even if you were to find a child in school, that is being pushed to read, ultimately the child would make the decision on their own whether to follow through or not.  The idea is not to force children to read at a certain age, but to let the desire be born in them, so that a child can truly flourish in the reading experience.  It is possible for most children to learn before they even reach grade one, because they have the freshness and desire of learning, they simply need some direction, assistance, and attention.