Teaching Tips how to Teach Preschoolers about Veterinarians

Students enjoy learning about occupations.  They are naturally curious about other people and what they are doing. Preschool is a great time to introduce students to may careers and life choices.

Veterinarians may be especially interesting for children.  Many of them have pets.  Most children have an interest in animals.  This is a solid beginning for information about veterinarians. A veterinarian is a health care specialists for animals.

Animals are made differently than people.  Cows have one stomach, but it is divided into four different parts that veterinarians need to learn about. Giraffes have necks that are six feet long. Wow, what a sore throat that must be. Some animals eat meat.  Other animals eat fruits and seeds.  To help all kinds of different animals stay healthy a veterinarian has a lot to learn.

Animals don’t have words to help the veterinarian understand what is wrong.  A horse can not tell the veterinarian that he has a stomach ache.  The veterinarian has to put clues together and figure out how the horse can be helped.

The veterinarian does this by asking the owner some questions and observing the horses behaviors. The veterinarian would ask questions about the food the animal has eaten and the behaviors.  The doctor would be looking for things like biting of the stomach area, if the horse is not eating, or if the horse is having regular bowel movements. The veterinarian goes through all the symptoms and figures out how best help the horse.

To help the children understand this have them play a mystery game to see if an animal.  For example, have a picture of  a cat.  Then a list of symptoms and situations.  
1. She is purring, does she need to see a veterinarian?
2. She is playing with her toys, does she need to the veterinarian?
3. She hasn’t seen a veterinarian for year, does she need to see one now?

Mix up the animals, the symptoms, and come to logical conclusions.

Veterinarians can not learn everything about every animal. So most veterinarians select a specific area.  The three main categories are small animals, large animals and exotics.

This can be turned into a great sorting game. Assign three children to be the veterinarians.  Give all the other children animals.  They must deliver them to the correct veterinarian.

This idea can be reinforced during story time.  Stop when reading a book and say “Who would this animal go to if she were sick? Is she a large animal, an exotic or a small animal.

To be a veterinarian one has to go to school for a long time and be very good with studies.