The best Music Toys for Preschoolers

Preschool is an important stage of development in a child’s life. Introducing a child to music early can have a profound influence, and create a lifelong love of the arts. There are a number of great music toys to introduce preschoolers to music.


The xylophone is a great music toy for preschoolers. A xylophone is a musical instrument with wooden keys on a frame that are hit with a mallet. This creates pleasant sounds that are enjoyable to the listener. It is also a simple instrument to use. All the preschooler needs to do is tap the mallet against the instrument to enjoy the music. And color coordinated xylophones are available to help young children learn about colors as they listen to the beautiful music.


A keyboard is another great musical toy for a preschooler. While much smaller than a piano, a keyboard introduces similar sounds to a young child. Every time the child presses a key he will hear another enjoyable sound. Over time, the preschooler may develop a talent for the instrument. Plus, it is relatively safe because there are no small parts for a child to swallow. A variety of selections are available online.

CD Player

Going back to the basics, a compact disk player is a great toy for a preschooler. It is larger and safer than an ipod. A child can listen to different types of music by simply changing the disk. There are even sing-along cd players available, where a preschooler can add their own acoustics to the mix. Not only is this a great way to introduce children to music, it can also create a perfect moment that you can capture on video and put on youtube.


While it is every parent’s fear to have their teenager banging drums loudly in the basement and disrupting everyone’s sleep, a toy drum for a preschooler can actually be quite an enjoyable toy. There are a number of solid wood drums available which are not very loud, but can still provide plenty of entertainment for a young child.

The importance of music in a young child’s life cannot be overstated. While there are a number of ways to introduce preschoolers to musical toys, these are a few potential options that are both acoustically pleasing and have the potential to create great family photos and videos in the future. For a parent, it may even become music to their ears.