The best Music Toys for Preschoolers

For those parents or teachers who would rather their preschoolers be composing creative symphonies instead of conducting mischievous mayhem, an abundance of quality musical toys are available.  Whether a child is a future virtuoso or simply a growing music aficionado, there is a wide selection of products to stimulate young musical minds.  Braving the towering aisles in the local toy store can be an overwhelming task; tackling the vast array of online shopping options is no easier.  

A brief overview of the best music toys for preschoolers will help to determine which toys are most likely to succeed in preoccupying the budding prodigy.

For the early preschool-aged child, the Fisher-Price Interactive Baby Grand Piano provides a variety of features.  While helping to develop beginning musical skills such as recognizing different musical styles, discerning pitch and understanding tempo, this product also provides the opportunity to learn about colors, counting and opposites.  The wide and colorful keys light up, inviting young creative minds to learn and grow.

On a similar note, the LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table has an assortment of activities geared toward the younger preschool child.  This item promises to engage the child’s interest with “more than forty learning songs, sparkling lights and lots to spin, slide, push, pull, open and close.”  In learning mode, a child can explore colors, letters, numbers and opposites; in music mode, a child can enjoy real instrument sounds, dance tunes and nursery rhyme melodies.

LeapFrog also has a symphony of other  musical toys that will grow with your child, including the Learn and Groove Alphabet Drum, Counting Maracas and Radio along with the Fridge DJ, and Just B. You Toys keeps in step with the beat by presenting the fun, cute and musically educational Woofer Guitar.  Each of these toys has unique characteristics that will inspire a developing love for music and learning within the younger preschool child.

“Recommended for budding young composers of all ages” are the Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube and the Baby Einstein Neptune Ocean Orchestra Musical Toy.  Each of these toys has a symphony function in which all instruments play a particular classical piece, while allowing the opportunity to subtract sounds or listen to instruments play their individual lines.  Each product contains several different songs.  While babies enjoy the music, preschoolers can learn the different elements that form a great composition.  Even music-loving grown-ups will find these toys fascinating.

For the growing preschooler, Just B. You Toys as the Parum Pum Pum Drum which includes drumsticks, maracas, jingle bells, shaker eggs, a tambourine and more, while FirstAct Discovery has an entire line of musical instruments designed for smaller hands-ranging from recorders to keyboards, and from guitars to drums.  These products are more than toys-they are actual instruments that allow your child to learn, to grow and to use their imaginations.

To enhance the older preschooler’s musical understanding and creativity, LeapFrog and Vtech Kids have junior laptops and learning tablets that include musical features and games.  While not overtly musical toys, these products provide great opportunity for growth and expansion according to the child’s age and development.  For example, LeapFrog has the Hamster Music Game App, while Vtech has a series of learning games that include musical themes.

Considering the diverse array of music toys available, you can rest assured that there is hope for the mischievous preschooler: they may yet be inspired to create greater things than disaster.  Put one of these toys in their hands and you may open a whole new musical world to their budding imaginations.  And who knows-they may soon be creating masterpieces in sound and song rather than works of chaos and mischief.