The Fun Birds that don’t Fly

Penguins are just plain fun. They waddle around. They are birds that don’t fly. They live in little pockets all over the world. Most children are entertained and amused by penguins. They look like they are wearing little tuxedos and ready for a formal event. There are many ways for preschool children to prepare for and celebrate World Penguin Day, April 25th.

It is never too early to get parents involved in children’s’ activities at school. Let parents know it black and white day and the teachers and any students can join in. Have a few extra items in case someone decides to join in on the dress code late. Let them know about the holiday and that they will be learning about penguins and bringing information and artwork home.

There are plenty of activities to choose from. While it is never a good idea to just pop in a movie, snippets from “The March of the Penguins”  are a great idea. It can be used as a transition time in the classroom and the scenes of the penguins and Morgan Freeman’s voice are very calming.

Music is a big part of preschool. Dancing the Penguin Waddle is enjoyable for everyone. Children can swim, waddle and slide to the music. It’s a time to laugh, enjoy and be silly. It’s exercise and that makes it a perfect activity.

This penguin heart art project is a great gluing project for preschool children. The pieces are all common things that can be dye-cut. The children use glue brushes to paint on the glue and put the pieces together. The teacher models the way the project goes together and it is ultimately up to the child how their penguin looks.

A clean sanitized penguin stuffed animal can be used to play pass the penguin. When the music stops the child stands up and the teacher shares a penguin fact. There are a number of penguin facts that can be used. Where are the different places that penguins live? What do penguins eat? How many different kinds of penguins are there? Send home the fact sheet for conversations with family at home.

The jury is still out on whether computers have a place in preschool. If there are computers in your preschool there are some quick stories and programs that can be used. Links could be shared on the fact page in case parents would like to have the resources to use at home.

Rumble, Grumble, Gurgle, Roar

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Penguins are animals that most children will only get to see in zoos or aquariums. It is a good time to expose them to areas where they live in the wild.

Whatever you choose to use in your classroom, make it memorable.