The Importance of Art and Messy Play for Children

The Importance Of Art And Messy Play For Children

Here is another major newsflash for all of you who have kids, and all of us who watch other people kids all day. Newsflash number one kids enjoy arts and crafts projects, newsflash number two – kids enjoy the whole idea of being able to get messy. How do I know this, you might be asking, the simple answer is that I have been around a lot of kids. I have babysat for at eight families, and worked in two daycares in the least eight years. There have been of messy, but fun days in that time. So here are my ideas of why art and messy play is important for children.

First of all the importance of art. Art is one of the most important tools, you can use to help kids learn. It can open up a new world for kids, and all it takes is something as simple as a box of crayons, and a piece of paper. Therapist use art to draw things out of kids who don’t feel like talking, teachers use it to learn more about their kids, and parents hang art proudly on their refrigerator. In fact you know you are special to a child when they hand you a piece of paper with a lopsided stick figure on it , and they say it “here this is you”. Art is beneficial for getting kids’ imaginations, and creativity going, use it when ever possible.

Secondly the importance of messy play. At least once a day most kids hear, “be careful, don’t get messy”. What if we were to just let them go, and let them get messy, what exactly do we think would happen? There are washing machines, and stain resistant clothing, and stain removing sprays. Allowing them to get messy while they play is also important because it allows them to just get into it, they have no inhibitions, they are just being kids. Let them do that when ever you can.

Now for some ideas to put them together. For letting them get messy, while they do art projects try chalk drawing. Have the kids lie on the sidewalk out side and draw around them with chalk. Also let them paint, if you don’t want them too messy, try putting a plastic painting apron on them.

Well I hope you have a great time with your kiddos, and let them get messy, and play around. Just let them be kids!