Three Preschool Crafts using Pompoms

According to art is important among young children to help developmental growth, as well as open the mind of a child to the endless possibilities of life and the way they view the world. Artwork is something that is created by an individual, whether it be with paints, pastels, crayons or pompoms. Art is art, and in the eye of the beholder. Below are four fun activities that preschool children can make, with a little help, using pompoms of all colors.

Pompom flowers

With a small amount of help from an adult, the pompom flower is easily done. Using fun pompom colors such as red, pink, purple or blue, the outside of the flower can be made on the paper. Using a yellow or orange pompom, the middle of the flower is placed on the paper with some stick glue or glitter glue.

If the child would like to have a fun design on the paper for their parent, a few extra flowers may be made as well as grass using green pompoms. This project involves a lot of glue, so be sure to have enough glue for each child.

Peace Sign

This simple and peace filled project may be done with brightly colored pompoms such as yellow, pink, and bright green. The object of this arts and craft project is to make a peace sign. The peace sign can be made to any size.

Using a blank sheet of paper and some glue, help the preschooler put the pompoms on to the page in the design of the peace sign. If brightly colored pompoms are not available, red, white and blue may also be a fun patriotic spin on this project.

Another spin on this peace sign is to make it into a hanging peace sign. For a tutorial and directions for this craft, please visit Freekidscrafts.

Pom Pom Bears

This arts and craft project using pompoms is very simple for preschoolers. All that is needed are small and large pompoms, wiggly eyes for crafts, as well as some tacky glue. Have the preschooler pick out some pompoms of different colors to make a few bears. These bears can be placed on their cubby or on their desk.

These pompom bears are a fun and easy craft that the children may do at any time of the year. This same type of tutorial can also make snowmen as well with a few tweaks. Three large white pompoms and felt circles will make a Christmas snowman for the children.

For a tutorial and directions for this craft, please visit Making Friends.

These projects are great for preschoolers to do on any occasion. For a fun arts and crafts day, a rainy day or a fun DIY project that teaches colors and teamwork. The joy of arts and crafts is important to children at a young age. Doing things with children that involves teamwork and expression will give the preschoolers a sense of bond with the person they are working with.