Tips for Creating a Reading Friendly Home for Young Children

The best way to create a reading friendly home is to get children interested and excited about reading. This is no simple task but there are a number of different strategies that one can use to get kids interested in the great world of reading. Depending on the kids’ age one of the first things to do is to read with them and too them. When they explore the stories with an adult at an early stage it will help draw them back to the books later in their life.

Another method to create a reading friendly environment in your home is to read yourself. When kids see an adult in their life enjoying and benefiting from something they will take notice. It would be hard to create a reading friendly environment if you yourself do not read or do not enjoy reading.

Having a library somewhere in your home is another must for creating a rich reading environment in your home. Having a library allows children to browse and explore which they will want to do naturally. Another important aspect of the library is that it gives children access to books. Making sure that kids have access to books is an important part of fostering a healthy desire to read.

Another way to foster a reading friendly environment is too take what kids learn from books and have them see it in the real world. For example say your child just finished reading a book on caterpillars and wants to know more about them. You could go on a mini safari in your backyard and look for caterpillars that the child learned about from the book. When the child sees the applications of the books in the real world it will help draw their interest to them. Kids have a hard time sitting still so reading can sometimes be very tedious to them. To help ease this maybe you and your child could read a book together and pause to reflect on what you have read together. This provides a break in the monotony of reading for too long and provides the child a chance to reflect on what they have read and make inferences from it. Now it doesn’t have to be a deep book but any just as long as a break is provided.

Another approach that is used in schools a lot is the use of signs or other pro reading material. For example if you had a child play area with a bookshelf in it you could put up a picture of one of the child’s favorite characters from a book. Visually seeing the character will help foster the child’s interest in reading.

A final note is to be sure that the child is making connections with the book. That they are understanding and comprehending what is being read to them or what they themselves are reading. Being around other children that read is a good way to create a reading friendly environment for children. Using a combination of these strategies should help foster a good reading environment for young children and hopefully help them transition into lifelong readers.