Tips for Helping Kids Improve their Writing Skills

Becoming a great writer takes a lot of time, patience, and practice. Helping your kids to improve their writing skills does not have to be a difficult endeavour, but you must be diligent. Improving writing skills will help the child with all of their assignments, and aid them significantly during their academic journey. Writing skills can be honed using a variety of techniques that will get the pen flowing.

Teach your child about effective writing by having them read articles in the newspaper or online, and dissect the information. Find out what was mentioned, and discuss why certain things were included. The 5 W’s and 1 H should be included in the brainstorming process, so that a piece of writing tackles the essentials. When writing, it is imperative to have a strong beginning, with a grabber sentence, or hook of some sort, that will engage the audience, leaving them clamouring for more.

On a daily basis, children need to write. This does not have to be seen as a punishment, as there are other ways around this. A parent with a child that does not want to write, but wants to watch a movie or sporting event, could have the two tied together rather cohesively. The parent could pretend to give in to the request, but on the condition that a report is written about it afterwards. This will force the child to pay close attention to details, and observe the program in a different light. This can be very effective, since observations are critical to the talented writer.

Helping your child improve their writing skills involves them to use a variety of words, which will help them increase their vocabulary. In an effective piece of written work, there should be a plethora of words utilized, with the avoidance of slang and cliches. Making every word count is also of the utmost importance when attempting to improve writing skills. Quality defeats quantity time and again.

Trying to enthrall and captivate an audience is not always simple, but a writer looking to improve their skills should make sure to include all of the senses in their writing. This allows the reader to navigate away from the page, and travel through time and space with the writer. This symbiotic relationship is the best part about both reading and writing.

Parents need to encourage the love of reading in their children, as this will greatly aid their writing skills. The more they read, the more they will understand what constitutes an excellent piece of writing.

There should be an end in mind prior to the beginning of the writing session. If you do not know where the story is going, you will have a hard time getting there. The better prepared you are for the writing, the better your piece will sound upon completion.

Editing is crucial to the writing process. Parents can help their children improve their writing skills by reading their pieces, and making the necessary adjustments. It is not beneficial to say that it is great, and leave it at that. Constructive criticism can go a long way to helping a child learn to improve their writing abilities.

Once a story or article has been written, and edited, it should be read aloud. This will allow the writer the chance to hear how their words meld together, and they will quickly realize any subtle or glaring mistakes. This is a very effective method of editing.

While writing, help your children understand the necessity of developing ideas and characters. If a story remains stagnant, it is more apt to be put down before finished. A story that is constantly moving forward is much more pleasing to the eye and the mind, and will be better received.

Teach your children to avoid writing about topical items, such as recent movies or video games that will become obsolete in due time. Focus writing on timeless things, such as love, death, nature, and strong emotions. These sorts of written pieces will stand the test of time. Try not to dwell on specific times and places, as this can date a story, rendering it ineffective.

A final great way to help your children improve their writing skills is to have them write debates that are of the opposite opinion or belief of their own. This will give them the opportunity to see things in a different perspective, and challenge them to think beyond their normal realm about a specific topic.

Writing skills are developed every day, and parents can encourage their children to become better writers by simply affording them the chance to write on a regular basis, and to be an active participant in the entire process. Parents make incredible sounding boards, and this gentle nudge will help them tremendously with their writing skills.