Tips for Increasing Cultural Awareness in Preschool

Preschool is a good time to begin cultural awareness.  It is optimal when you start to teach the children at a very young age that there are a lot of different types of cultures in the world and also within their own country, and that they are all valuable.  There are different activities that you can do that will help get this message across to the young children.  The following are tips for increasing cultural awareness in preschool.

Do a craft that shows different cultures

Crafts are a wonderful way for children to learn.  Many times children learn better when they are doing something than when they are simply being lectured at.  There are a wide variety of crafts that you can do that would involve different cultures.  They could make their own globe by making some sort of ball or round object and placing the different countries on it.  They could also make a map that shows different cultures.  Because this is pre-school, you might want to make the shapes of the countries and then help them cut it out and paste it.  They could get different pictures from the Internet relating to people from these different cultures and put it on a poster board.  This could be done in different teams. 

Have them draw a picture of people from different cultures

Many preschoolers love to draw and might enjoy drawing a picture of different types of people.  You can show them how to draw the people from different cultures showing that different people have different colored skin, different hair types, different types of clothing, etc.  The pictures might be rudimentary, but it will give them the idea.

Have them pretend to be people from different cultures

You could take different cultures one by one, teaching them about the dress and customs of the different cultures.  Then the kids can dress up like people from different cultures or do different projects that they might do in the different culture.  Another fun thing to do might be to bring in food from the different cultures.  Also showing a lot of pictures from these different cultures can be another way of showing the children how people are different around the world, as well as in their own country.   It is important to talk about the fact that although people are different on the outside, in a lot of ways we are alike on the inside.