Tips for Teaching about Food with Bulletin Boards

“I Learn About Food” is a great bulletin board idea for a preschool classroom. A bulletin board about food can be used not only to teach children about healthy food choices, but can also be used to help them learn how to spell and recognize their ABCs.

Food is a topic that is understood by all children, but how to eat properly may not be something they are aware of, which could lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and ultimately weight gain, and the diseases associated with an improper diet.

Bulletin boards are fun to create for children, and they allow them the opportunity to use their imagination, creativity and sense of wonder. The bulletin board could be done in conjunction with the ABCs, wherein the children simply add pictures and the spelling of some of their favourite foods.

Teaching children about the Food Guide will help them to make better choices in terms of their diet. Each day, new foods can be added to the bulletin board until it has reached its capacity. At that point, some can be replaced by others. If you are not using the foods in an alphabetical manner, you could separate the foods into their respective categories based on the type of food, such as fruits and vegetables.

As children learn about food, they can also be taught about the ethnicity of the food, and how it is grown or manufactured. The lessons learned from a food bulletin board are vast, and the preschool teacher will have a captivated audience. With the food bulletin board, the students can be encouraged to bring in their favourite foods for lunch or snack, and these can be added to the board.

The children can draw the food, make a replica of it with arts and crafts supplies, cut out a picture from a cookbook or magazine, print it from the computer or even have a plastic version placed on the bulletin board.

Each child could also have their own booklets made which show a healthy diet, and in some cases the foods will be vastly different, depending on the ethnic background of the child. This is a great way to teach about nutrition and its role in becoming healthy and strong. Certain foods provide different nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates and so forth.

The more the children learn about food, the less likely they will be to make the glaring food mistakes that many people in today’s society make on a regular basis. Of course, fast food and junk food are tasty, in moderation, which should be stressed upon the preschool children.

“I Learn About Food” can be one of the best bulletin board ideas in the preschool classroom. Other great ideas include music, ABCs, books, seasonal themes, sports and celebrations or holidays.