Tips for Teaching your Child Spanish

Whether or not it is necessary or you just want your child to learn another language, you can teach your child Spanish at an early age. In fact, it is best to start teaching children other languages at this time because their brains are quickly developing and can readily absorb new information and remember it. Here are some tips for teaching your child Spanish.

– Check out your local bookstore or library for some Spanish children’s books. This is the best way to start learning Spanish because your child will need to recognize words and put pictures to them. For example, if your child wants to know how to say “chair” in Spanish, then it would be easier to learn if he or she sees the Spanish word and then a picture of what the word represents.

– Try putting on some Spanish children’s music. You do not want to try putting on complicated music that is not made for children. You want to start off quite slow and simple so that your child understands the basics before moving forward. Remember that a strong foundation is needed in any type of learning.

– Write vocabulary words on flash cards and make sure that you stack the flash cards according to the category to which they belong. Then, practice each stack at least once a day, or every other day. Try to vary the way that you practice the flash cards. Sometimes, you might want to let your child see the world instead of the picture, and then ask him or her to tell you what the word means. Or, you might want to do the opposite.

– Computer games that teach Spanish would also be good choices as teaching aids. They can be relatively cheap or expensive, depending on what brand that you use. Again, make sure that the level is age-appropriate, too. 

– Try to immerse your child in the Spanish culture. You might want to turn on the television and let your child watch some cartoons spoken in Spanish. Remember that there are different types of spoken Spanish, just as there are different types of spoken English (as well as other languages). 

If you want to teach your child Spanish, you need to take a multifaceted approach. You will need to teach reading and comprehension, which also includes vocabulary, as well as speaking and listening. As long as your curriculum includes these aspects of learning a language, your child will be able to learn Spanish much more easily.