Tips for the first Day of Preschool

Tips for first day of preschool

Most children have a separation anxiety from their parents in one form or another on the first day, they are willing to go to school, until they hear the words “bye-bye”. The first reaction is to wave bye, the second is “where do you think you’re going” to the next step of crying. Not all children are the same, however there are some ways to lighten up the separation anxiety and have your child prepared to spend the next several hours away from home, today and every school day.

One of the easiest ways to prepare your child that leaving them alone in the school will be not only fun, but safe as well and mommy and daddy will be there when they get home is to sign them up to a club. The Boys and Girls club, 4-H or the YMCA are just a few that are nationally available that will have a curriculum for children that will allow them a chance to understand that being away from home a few hours each day is alright and OK to do. Local libraries during the summer will often have special readings available, sometimes from famous authors, look into the library schedule and try to attend as often as possible.

Another way to help prepare your child is to speak with the school a month before class begins and get a list of children in the same class, contact the parents and plan a few afternoon “get together” where you spend a few hours in each others homes, leaving them for awhile. Not all parents will be willing or available since many homes have both parents working, try to do so on the weekend. Younger children have special needs, so limit the amount of children so not to overwhelm the attending parents.

As the child adjusts, the easier the separation will become a normal routine in your child’s life, as well as the parents anxiety will be left to a minimum. The biggest advise to offer is to be able to reassure your child that being away in school for a few hours each day will be fun and that they should accept this as what will be accepted of them as they get older and will attend school.

It is never to early to begin a line of communication with your child, take them to the school often in the weeks before preschool begins, find a place to sit down and have a discussion that soon you will come and drop your child off with other children in their class. Be prepared, you should never wait to the first day of school and just drop them off, this is an important part of a child’s development. The good news is children from across the world have to face this day and they with their natural instincts and the help of a good school staff survive. Good luck to all you mom’s and dad’s for you too have to adjust without your precious child for the day.