Top Technology Devices to use in the Preschool Classroom

Young children today have an advantage of being exposed to top technology devices in the preschool classroom. They have devices that are rewarding and can be very successful tools in the preschool classroom.


The first device that comes to mind is the computer. Computers play a part in many ways in the preschool classroom. Computers are great for academic instruction and give exposure to preschool children.  Working the mouse helps them with their hand-eye coordination. They also provide social development for students. Many games for these children are basically using the mouse for operation. There are many online education games. They include games like memory games, counting games, and drawing games. The preschool children are still developing their minds and this is a great way for them to learn, at the same time they are having fun.

Preschool children with disabilities also can benefit from computers. Computers may help those who are unable to write to practice writing skills.

DynaVox System

There is also another technology used for helping preschoolers to communicate. This can be used for many students including those who have disabilities. It is called the DynaVox System. It is a touch screen device. It allows students to touch the screen and the device will speak the word. Any type of augmentative communication allows preschoolers the chance to communicate. It opens up a new world to those who may not be able to speak, too.

Digital Camera’s

Children can learn so much with the use of a digital camera. Many things can be done by taking pictures. You can use pictures as a way of labeling things in your classroom. You can take pictures while on field trips and make a book for the classroom out of those pictures for the preschool children to admire. They enjoy seeing themselves in books. It is great for them to learn to take pictures, too. Memories are created.

Video Cameras

This is a great tool for the parents of preschoolers as a teacher may record the children in different learning situations. The parents are then able to go online and see the video of their children in the classroom and the progress their child is making. It is also fun to make a video of the kids doing some fun activities and put it on a DVD and then let children check the DVD out to take home and watch with their families. What a great way to teach children how to communicate with their families.

These are some top technology devices that are used in preschool classrooms today. It is great that preschool children are exposed to many different devices. Young children are getting a head start on how to operate common devices used in the learning spectrum.