Using the Superstore to Educate your Child

As a parent, you will come across opportunities to educate your child on a day-to-day basis while going about your regular tasks and activities. One such opportunity will arise when you go to the superstore, as this is a great place to informally teach your child about a wide range of subjects. Here is some information about how the superstore can provide teachable moments.


There are very few mathematical topics that could not be taught in the superstore, as it provides a fantastic learning environment for this subject. Money, percentages, weights and weight conversion, shapes and budgeting are all potential subjects that can be taught and adapted to suit children from preschool to teens. You can take a hands-on approach to teaching some subjects, such as weights, and also teach mental arithmetic by asking them to total up the contents of your cart as you go around the store.


Getting your child to write the shopping list out for you provides the opportunity to include English before you have even set off. One of the easiest ways to incorporate teaching English into a trip to the superstore is to ask your child to read the signs and product packaging to you. You can ask them to give you directions to different areas of the store based on the overhead signs, and to look for specific products for you. As an extension task at home, they can write about their experiences at the superstore.


Children often find technology a fascinating subject, and it is one that can easily be discussed while at the superstore. Packaging is the ideal topic, as you can look at the materials used and talk about the design process together. This can lead to a fun activity once you return home. Your child can design the packaging for a given product. This, in turn, will incorporate learning about other subjects, such as English, maths and science.


Another subject that you can teach your child is science. The production of different food products is a really interesting topic that can lead to lots of other information, such as where different products are produced and the environmental effects of making and transporting the different goods. Other important topics to discuss with your child are nutrition and health. Using the information on packaging can help to relay this information, and you can compare the nutritional and health benefits of various products. This lesson can be extended by cooking at home and looking at the nutritional benefits of the meal you have made together.

Art and design

Product packaging can also lead to interesting conversations about art and design. If the superstore also sells fashion products, then these may also be included in the conversation. Allowing your child to design clothing at home is a fun activity that they will enjoy doing once you have finished your shopping.

Learning opportunities arise in the most surprising of places, even the superstore. This allows you to have many educational conversations with your child while continuing with your day-to-day activities. Many of these topics can lead to extended activities at home.