What Kinds of Certifications are given to Preschools in the us

Certifications are required for preschool teachers, and staff within the United States Each state has its own requirements for preschool teachers. While some teachers may for a bachelor’s degree or higher along with their state license, other teachers may only have a high school diploma or an Associate’s Degree in Child Development.

Those who are interested in teaching in a preschool setting should contact their state to get the details in regards to what this teaching position requires. Those wishing this position will have to be educated in how to manage a preschool setting and the basic concept of child development.

A layperson cannot just walk into a preschool setting and expect a teaching position. Preschools have become more entailed and formal, gearing the child up for kindergarten. The teacher will have to be well versed in nutrition of the preschooler, and know about age related preschool activities. Child safety is of a big concern in preschools and teachers will need to know all aspects of child safety. The person who wants to teach preschool will have to have a higher education in many areas of expertise.

Government Employers require the person to have at minimum, an associate’s degree in early childhood education. Most states require the teacher to have a higher education of the preschool setting. Some preschools may hire a person who has had some classes in child development while other preschools may train their own teachers.

Certification programs for teaches in a preschool setting can vary from state to state. The preschool teacher with a certification from their state will be prepared to teach children the basics of music, activities, social skills and reading.

In order for an educator in the preschool setting to have the knowledge expected, they will have to take some courses better preparing them for the preschool setting. Classes such as the principles of teaching, health and development, stress and education, creative activities for the preschooler, health and nutrition, teaching toddlers, children with special needs, a diverse classroom, art and early education are most of the classes that the teacher will need to take.

As with most licensed professions today the teacher must continue their education through continuing education hours, learning new and improved techniques for teaching. This certification can amount to a certification program of a few months to a four-year degree. Most states require teachers of preschool to complete and internship with supervision before being certified.

Many states are requiring children at age four years to attend a preschool before they enroll in kindergarten. This requirement is increasing demand for preschool teachers.