What you wish your Child Didn’t Learn in Kindergarten

Once your child leaves the protected walls of the home and goes out into the wonderful, adventure-laden world of kindergarten they begin to learn their first social and cultural lessons.

Like how to curse up a storm with words you’ve tried so hard to avoid within your child’s hearing. Other families have different tolerances for word usage, different ideas on what equals verbal abuse and what is everyday language. If your child brings home a few nasties, simply be firm [not angry] on the subject of not using “those” words. Explain why. Children like to know the whys and wherefores and if they understand your viewpoint you have a better chance of them going along with it [for now].

Biting is a fairly natural part of growing up, learning control and boundaries. Some kids do it, some don’t. If your child comes home with a new habit like biting, as with language, be firm and reinforce the unacceptability of such behaviour. If your child didn’t bite before, then it should be easy enough to nip this in the bud as they will only be copying and testing out this new behaviour in relation to their own lives.

Bullying. At this early age, bullying can be caused by anxiety and uncertainty. If your child suddenly engages in this activity you may need to have a talk with the teachers and your child to find out what is the cause behind it. At the same time, take an honest look at your child’s behaviour to understand whether this behaviour is as new as it seems. If you find a pattern of disturbing behaviour that may have gone unnoticed before, then you will need to delve deeper into causes.

There are many different styles of parenting and family lifestyles. Don’t worry about the new things your child is learning, even if they aren’t in line with what you teach [unless, of course, it gets dangerous in some way]. Reinforce your family rules and explain why things are done differently. Acknowledge other people’s way of doing things, but always come back to what is acceptable and what is not acceptable within your own family.

Your child has to learn to make his/her own path [according to your guidelines] through life. That path starts in kindergarten.