Why Observing Role Play is useful for Teachers

Observing role-play can help teachers make adjustments to their teaching technique and help them realize why students lack the skills they are teaching them. It also provides an avenue for new methods. It is a way to collaborate skills, helping faculty members design new lessons plans. Through observation, learning takes place.

Role-play is when one teacher acts as another teacher. The head designs a task for the teacher to perform and the audience observes how the teacher acts. Role-play allows students to perform in a way that leads to learning. It is a form of acting.

Make adjustments
By watching how another teacher acts in a similar situation, the viewing teacher(s) can change their how they react or perform. One teacher may use lecture for a majority of the day while another can have students participate actively in the class. Another might combine the two methods of teaching.

Some teachers may learn that they have a problem with pride. Instead of listening and learning new things they think, their way is just fine. Even though, study may prove students learn with a different technique than the teacher utilizes. Role-play lets teachers see how changes can make their teaching better.

By observing another teacher, educators gain insight into new ideas. The ideas they use may not work well anymore. With role-play, they can observe the new ways and try without doing it blindly. Here, technological devices can be introduced.

With students
When children role-play what teachers have taught, teachers can show how the students have misinterpreted or interpreted the lesson correctly. Teacher can learn a great deal from role-play. Role-play can make disputes clear by allowing students to role-play what they think the other student said. Role-play allows others to experience situations not experienced every day. It is a way to teach history, allowing students to act as a president or commander of an army. Teachers can learn what students think about a certain personality.

Observing role-play opens many doors for teachers. It shows them new ideas, helps them improve their teaching, and shows them where they lack skills that can make teaching more rewarding. Watching someone else, perform a job, helps a person to grow and improve. It is extremely useful in demonstrating new technological innovations that a school district requires teachers to know.  Role-play is a way to settle disputes among students and even with the teacher.