Why Parents are the first and best Teachers

Many parents are concerned with providing their children the best education possible. But they may not be aware of how much their child has already been learning from them. Children learn from their parents daily, both naturally and formally. Here are a few reasons why the first and best teachers are parents.

The basic reason why parents make the first and best teachers is because they have the first access to their children. Their early relationship builds a bond that enables the children to trust their parents completely. Natural trust is a great aid to teaching, because it makes young ones more receptive to learning. Since children will naturally look to their parents as role models, they will always watch what their parents say and what they do. Parents’ words and actions are very powerful to their kids, influencing both their learning and their view of life. A parent who demonstrates an eagerness for learning can greatly increase a child’s attitude toward education.

Another advantage parents have in teaching their children is unlimited time. Since children spend so much time with their parents, there are no time constraints on how much can be learned. Even parents whose children go to daycare or preschool still spend more time with their children than their children spend in school. This means they can use family time to reinforce school lessons or to introduce new concepts.

A third reason why parents are the first and best teachers is their ability to show their children the practical application of what they learn. Teachers are under pressure to cover a certain amount of material in a certain amount of time with a certain amount of children. Many times they are unable to give each child one-on-one attention to clearly explain how to use what they learn. Parents, though, have the freedom to show children how to learn through life. They can take time during the day to show children basic preschool skills, such as how to share, how to cooperate, how to clean up after themselves, and how to be polite. This will make it easier for children to understand the importance of these qualities and show them to others.

Parents have a great influence on their children’s learning. As natural teachers, they can do much to encourage their children to appreciate education and to develop a love for learning. Mothers and fathers, therefore, should take their roles in the family seriously, never underestimating the impact of their example.