Why Preschool Teachers should get Paid like Public School Teachers

If you have ever been a preschool teacher or an early childhood education teacher in a private school, you know damn well that you do just as much if not more than teachers in a public school. Preschool is no joke people. These are toddlers and three and four year old kids. If you think the terrible two’s are bad, the age of three will have you running for the hills.

I should know. I am currently a kindergarten teacher in a private school program and also a former preschool teacher. Both of these positions prove to be rewarding due to the children and insulting due to the salary. Insulting is not even doing the salary justice. Insulting is being polite to the point where it is almost laughable. I am here to tell you that on pay day, at any given moment in the United States, there are a swarm of swear words going off in the minds of preschool teachers all across the country.

Diaper changes, throw up, excessive crying, throwing toys, management who ignore the classroom situation because they are sitting comfortably in their office hating their jobs and themselves so they really do not care that little Johnny is beating the crap out of someone half of his size. They also ignore you trying to control that situation as well as the other 20+ kids in the class because lets face it, they really do not pay attention to ratios in the classroom unless the state inspector is knocking on the door. Need more? Kids throwing food at each other, throwing food at you, smearing paint everywhere but the paper, running, screaming, kicking, punching, hair pulling, biting, and any other action that could be considered a training method for a UFC cage match.

This is the reason the people who teach at your preschools are 90% people who should probably be in an adult daycare program themselves, not watching other people. What do you expect when you could earn more asking people if they want fries with that at McDonalds? The other 10% are people like me, who love kids and are using it as a stepping stone while they continue their education or find something better. This means that 10% will not be staying. Not only will they not be staying, they will be running and clicking their heels out the door as they move on to better things.

Full benefits? Not happening. Please take a nice chunk out of our already meager earnings so we do not have to live on the streets if we happen to need medical attention. No vacations for us. Have fun on spring break public school teachers, have a fun summer off. Not us. Ever had to change a kid who peed his pants and didn’t tell you about it while he was basking outside in the August heat? Yeah, you heard me. That’s how preschool does it. Now show us the money!