Will Universal Preschool 3 4 Year Olds Improve Academic Achievement Long – No

Absolutely not. Universal preschool is simply something thought up by social workers and academics that are not grounded in reality. The studies that they get there information from are taken out of context and from that perspective use flawed statistics.

The logic used by the Kool-Aid drinking social workers and academics that came up with this crazy idea about preschool being the “fix” for our school system is wrought with deception. The first deception is in the logic that they glean from the reports and studies on preschool education.

Yes voluntary preschool has a big affect on the students that attend school prior to going to kindergarten. Why is this? In a nutshell it is because they have the necessary push in the home. The parents that send their children to preschools tend to work academics with the toddlers at home. This is where the real learning takes place because the focus of the family is on learning.

If preschool becomes mandatory once again we will have to lower the standards to “fit” the needs of the children who do not have the necessary push or focus on education at home. If the focus on education is not at home it will not translate to a successful educational experience for the children. They will simply be attending school because they have to and then the focus of school will be on controlling these children and we will be taking away from the opportunities of other children to learn.

The second deception is that our government can run such a program successfully. The bar of success keeps getting lowered in our public school systems. Our government was never set up to be a parent. It is up to the family to ensure a quality educational experience for our children.

The third deception is in how this will be funded. In California they are discussing Kindergarten classes with 30 students to one teacher. If there is not enough money to pay for enough teachers to have a 20 to 1 ratio how can we afford mandatory preschool? Rather than create another layer of bureaucracy spend that money to limit the number of students the classes currently being offered.

The bottom line is that we need less government and more family involvement. The argument that preschool will work for all is simply not true because not all families are involved equally.