Adjusting to School Schedule

With the end of summer coming, back to school time will be here shortly. It takes a few weeks to get kids adjusted to the idea of going back to school and starting to change their routine from a summer schedule to a school schedule is a smart thing to do. Summertime is a time where routines like bedtimes and waking up routines are more laid back. When school time comes, many families find themselves in a morning rush which can be hectic and stressful. You can reduce the stress and make your mornings more productive by getting yourself and your kids back into the routine.

At least 2 weeks before, start with implementing a more structured bedtime. Getting your kids back on a school schedule by getting enough rest will help with the morning routine. Getting enough sleep will make it easier to get them up in time for school. Some parents are blessed with having a child who is an early riser and others have children who are difficult to deal with in the morning. You know what kind of child you have so adjust your schedule to make your life easier. Making sure your child gets off to a good start by eating a healthy breakfast is essential. Studies prove that kids who eat breakfast focus better in school. If your child is not the traditional breakfast eater, get creative with what you offer for breakfast. Peanut butter has a lot of protein and there is no reason why having peanut butter spread on a half a bagel cannot be a good breakfast choice. A fruit smoothie made with yogurt and fresh or frozen fruit is another choice for a healthy start to the day. The point is that is does not need to be a traditional breakfast. Refueling in the morning is important for children as well as adults.

Getting ready to go back to school is more than just buying school supplies and new clothes. Having a structured environment that helps to teach your child organization and responsibility helps you as well as them. As your child grows and moves up in school, teachers expect more out of them. If you start young teaching basic responsibility and organization it will help them as they grow. Preparing for school the night before helps to end the hectic panic in the morning when someone cannot find a book or item they need for the day. Having a quiet place for your child to do homework and laying down rules about when you expect homework to be done is part of having a structured routine. With many parents who work outside the home, it can be difficult to have routines when you are not able to be there to enforce them. After school programs are great for working parents who want their child to do homework but cannot be there to make sure it is getting done. Many schools offer these low-cost programs that have teachers monitoring the children. They give time for play, snacks and homework.

The transition from summer into the new school year can be smooth if you do the preparation. Lay down the rules ahead of time and do practice runs to make sure you have thought of everything.