Airplane Paper Airplane Stealth Paper Airplane how to Make Airplane Designs Childhood Memories

The stealth paper airplane brings back memories of having competitions with friends and family. Usually we would see who makes the best airplane, but I think that award should go to my uncle. The Stealth airplane is pretty cool, although it can’t really fly far distances. It can perform cool tricks that you can show to your friends giving you bragging rights for maybe a couple minutes.

Anyways to make a Stealth paper airplane, you need a piece of computer paper, a ruler, and a pair of scissors.

First, fold your paper in half in portrait format. That means that the longer sides of the computer paper is parallel to the fold you are going to make.

Second, you have the paper folded in half, so on the bottom where you can open it you draw some lines. Take your ruler and draw a small line 1 1/2 inch on the longer side. On the shorter side draw a small line 1 1/2 inch away from the corner and another small line 3 1/2 inch away from the corner on the shorter side. In between the 1 1/2 inch and 3 1/2 inch marks you draw a small dot 1 inch from the middle of the dot.

After drawing those lines, it is time to play connect the dots. After connecting the dots, you cut along those lines. Open up the closed paper and fold the top corners to the middle line.

Third step, now you have a triangle shape on the top and a zigzag sort of pattern cut out on the bottom. Now fold the triangle part down.

After you fold it down, you repeat the triangle technique and pull the corners down to the middle. Now flip the piece of paper over so that the crease is pointing upwards.

Next step, you fold the paper in half and fold the first wing so that the fold is 1 inch away from center crease of the paper.

Last and final step you fold the second wing the same way.

There you go, your totally awesome STEALTH airplane. Now have fun with it. If your Stealth airplane does not fly so good, you might have made it wrong or that there were some minor flaws in your measurements. For example, if you airplane falls down, you could try adjusting the end of the airplane wings by angling it upwards. IF the opposite were to occur, just do the opposite of what I told you.

The paper stealth airplane and the original aircraft stealth airplane share some commonalities and differences. The paper airplane is unstable with its flying, while that problem also exists in the aircraft. The design for the aircraft was used to avoid detection and not for flying ability. The paper airplane, however is pretty fast compared to other paper airplanes. If you want more information on stealth airplanes, you can always search it up.