Americas most Educated Cities 2010

The United States Census Bureau records all kinds of demographics about the American population. The Census Bureau compiles many lists concerning the American population.  As an American it is interesting to see lists such as this and to see how your city compares with others across the United States.

One such list compiled by the Census Bureau each year is “America’s Most Educated Cities”. The cities are ranked by the percentage of residents who have college degrees (bachelor’s degrees or higher). A few cities that made the list for 2010 may surprise you.  Others may not as they have remained on the list for quite a few years.  Here is the most recent list of America’s Most Educated Cities 2010 according to the Brookings Institute, who recently did their own study to find the most educated cities around the country:

10.  Denver-Aurora, Colorado- 37.5 percent

9.  Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota/Wisconsin- 37.6 percent

8.  Austin, Texas- 38.2 percent

7.  Madison, Wisconsin- 39.8 percent

6.  Raleigh, North Carolina- 41.5 percent

5. Boston-Cambridge, Massachusetts- 41.9 percent

4.  San Francisco, California- 43.4 percent

3.  San Jose, California- 43.5 percent

2.  Bridgeport, Connecticut- 43.8 percent

1.  Washington DC, Maryland/Virginia- 46.8 percent

The nation’s capital is a white collar kind of town with many government agencies and politician’s offices headquartered there. According to the Brookings Institute almost 50% of Washington DC residents aged 25 and older hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. Washington, DC has almost three times the amount of college graduates as the lowest ranked city on the list; Bakersfield, California. 

It is interesting to note that even though the United State’s largest city, New York City, didn’t even crack the top 20, one of its borough’s, Manhattan, would rank #1 on the smartest cities list, if Manhattan was indeed a city instead of a borough.  Fifty-seven percent of Manhattan’s residents hold a bachelor’s degree.  Twenty-six percent hold advanced degrees (2006 figures). 

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