An Overview of the us School System

The U.S. school system is something that needs to be fixed. One thing that should be fixed is the department of education, this is only a Federal Bureaucratic mess. According to “The Department of Education establishes policy for, administers, and coordinates most Federal assistance to education. Its mission is to ensure equal access to education and to promote educational excellence throughout the Nation.” The federal government should not be involved in Education, the states should. Time and time again you have seen the federalization of education has done nothing to help the cause.

The No Child Left Behind Act was a complete example of this. It made there be more state required testings, which now makes teacher “teach the test” rather than teach practical course information. “High-stakes, test-based accountability doesn’t lead to school improvement or equitable educational possibilities,” said Linda McSpadden McNeil, director of the Center for Education at Rice University. “It leads to avoidable losses of students. Inherently the system creates a dilemma for principals: comply or educate. Unfortunately we found that compliance means losing students.” It has lead to nothing but lower graduating rates, especially in Texas. According to “A new study by researchers at Rice University and the University of Texas-Austin finds that Texas’ public school accountability system, the model for the national No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), directly contributes to lower graduation rates. Each year Texas public high schools lose at least 135,000 youth prior to graduation – a disproportionate number of whom are African-American, Latino and English-as-a-second-language (ESL) students.” According to “The study shows as schools came under the accountability system, which uses student test scores to rate schools and reward or discipline principals, massive numbers of students left the school system. The exit of low-achieving students created the appearance of rising test scores and of a narrowing of the achievement gap between white and minority students, thus increasing the schools’ ratings.”

According to “The federal government does not operate public schools. Each of the fifty states has its own Department of Education that sets guidelines for the schools of that state. Public schools also receive funding from the individual state, and also from local property taxes.  Public colleges and universities receive funding from the state in which they are located. Each state’s legislative body decides how many tax dollars will be given to public colleges and universities.  Students in grades 1-12 do not pay tuition. College and university students do pay tuition, but many earn scholarships or receive loans.”

Overall, education is governed by the states, not the federal government. Bills like the No Child Left Behind Act, are a failure. Anytime the Federal government tries to meddle in affairs like this, they tend to mess things up. Therefore, sticking to  a state regulated school system would be best, rather trying to make a bureaucratic educational system.