Are Teacher Evaluation Systems Fair and Effective – No

Teacher evaluation systems are not always fair and effective, because for the most part there are a lot of students and teachers that do not get the same questions and also comments. The best part of the teacher evaluation is finding out how much students and teachers all learn from each other and also how much they take from them selves. This among other methods promotes a wider spectrum of knowledge for students to be able to show that they are learning what they are supposed to be learning in schools. In order for teachers evaluation to be fair it has to be able to cover every single piece of material and question that both parents and teachers can ask them selves and the students about their teaching methods. This is one of the unique ways that any person can see that the evaluations are actually fair at the same time. 

There are many types of evaluations that are used all over the country in several schools that make people think that the schools systems are all failing to do their job, based on the answers that they get in the paper and through out the evaluation. This is one of the major problems with the many kinds of evaluation methods that many people hand out in schools that made them not be able to get a correct respond or the respond needed for the evaluation. 

The best ways that any evaluation can actually be effective is if it was done in the open and also in many other places, such as the internet or at the end of the semester or at the beginning of the year. This is one of the few ways that any person can actually see this and make sure that the evaluations were in fact fair and also effective. Two evaluations are most definitely better than one, and this makes the evaluations have more truth to them than expected.

One other thing that many people actually find to be a lot more helpful is finding out what students want from the class as well as what they expect to learn from the class itself. This is one of the  many things that many people can be sure of at the end that they are doing the right thing in class. There are many teachers that are constantly making sure that they are teaching all of the right things and that they are also making all of the right steps to making sure students learn all of the necessary materials.