Assessing the Importance of Education

Today everyone thinks education is the most important thing in the world.  However, I tend to not see it as an absolute essential.  It may seem outlandish to mainstream views on education to make a statement about the harmful effects of education.  Yet, in many ways, education can be harmful.  When using the word “education”, it may be more appropriate to use the term “school”. 

All children hate school.  Well, some children, because education has taught the writer to never say “all,” even though that is a contradictory dictate.  It means that I should not say “all,” but not say it all of the time.  Education led the writer into these logical inconsistencies, and in the name of reason, told her never to question them.  It was this type of question the teacher would either promptly dismiss or verbally deride a student for even suggesting.  This is the lesson of school: think as we do or we will make you feel embarrassed or crazy.

Elementary school and high school make you into a corporate drone by teaching you what to think not how to think.  A lesson the writer learned in elementary school was that she was too weird to say anything.  At the same time she was being told ‘it’s the insides that count’ – the class was judging everyone’s popularity based on physical appearance.  Some lessons the writer learned in high school were to study to be happy and to forget about yourself as a person and what appeals to you.  Then, all of this sacrifice will make you millions of dollars someday and get you a great husband!  That’s not true.  No man ever cared about the writer’s opinions or highly idiosyncratic worldview as much as if she was wearing tight jeans.  No guy ever really cared if she went to law school or was getting a doctorate in assessing her worth as a woman.  This was an all-girl’s school that, insulated from men and run by Sisters, really didn’t understand how they thought.  Should a good education expose all kinds of lies and faulty misconceptions, or must this be acquired through experience?  The writer will not form an opinion on this since she does not want to make the mistakes that the educators do when they mis-educate!

In conclusion, education and school can be harmful…sometimes (because the teacher told me, the writer, one, to never say all of the time every time s/he writes).