Assessing the Importance of Learning Foreign Languages

Today’s world is a global world. Anything is possible and everyone is connected in more ways than previously thought possible. We can communicate across oceans and through different mediums including internet, phones, texting, e-mails, snail mail, etc. We can catch a plane and be in another country within hours. Foreign languages have become the new desirable tool to succeed in this world. Foreign languages have also become the best way to explore the world around us.

I have always been interested in different cultures and different beliefs. I like learning about other people and their ways of life. This includes their language. There is something beautiful about being able to transcend languages and connect with people who are from another world, another culture. Besides being a great way to find success in whatever career path you have chosen, learning a foreign language opens up the world for you. It allows you to become more adventurous.

The importance of learning a foreign language can no longer be denied. It is perhaps one of the most important skills. There are always jobs for translators and many companies/corporations/organizations welcome and prefer bilingual employees. It opens their companies/corporations/organizations to the global world. Even if you are not interested in furthering your career through a foreign language, you can see the benefits as far as travel are concerned. You can visit more places and fit in. You can explore and learn more about the world through the addition of a second language.

When I was younger, I was always fascinated by languages. I think that it is very important that in today’s society, we teach our children about the importance and wonderful value of learning a foreign language. The benefits are astounding and it is easiest to learn a language when young. Languages also help the world to connect on a more personal level.

I have been teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) for a year now. I love it. It is amazing to me the way I am able to communicate with these kids who do not know any English and I only know parts of their language. There is so much that you start to learn. There is so much that can be said through your eyes and your movements as well as your actions. It’s a universal language. Then as we go along with lessons, they learn more and more English. Once we begin to communicate well in the same language together, it is amazing. It is so special to see a child converse in two different languages. Languages are the most important part of our world today and we should all try to learn one or two different languages. This will help us grow and allow us to be adventurers in a global world.