Back to School Health Tips for Parents

It’s back to school time again and it’s going to be a busy period. The school year is a hectic time for parents. They have to organize themselves as well as their children leaving little room or time for thinking about health. Fortunately, it’s possible to stay healthy without putting in too much effort or spending an enormous amount of time in the kitchen. Here are some back to school health tips for parents.

1 – Pack a healthy lunch for your kids rather than take the lazy way out and give them money for the school canteen. A home made nutritious lunch is much better for them than the chips or burger they might buy at school. Prepare home made sandwiches with chicken, tomato, carrot, and cheese. Add an apple and banana, and a small chocolate yoghurt to curb the sweet tooth. Give them either a bottle of water or some 100% fruit juice.

2 – Sign your children up for a sports team or for athletics. Physical activity is an important part of growing up. It aides physical and mental growth while building a solid foundation for fitness in the future. Ensure that your children attend physical education and take part in school sporting activities without making excuses to come home early or take the day off. Physical education is just as important as doing Math or Science.

3 – Limit the amount of time your children spend in front of the screen. Eliminate the television or computer from their bedroom and set time limits for usage. There are other ways to spend free time. Encourage your children to use their imagination and play with Lego blocks, build sandcastles, run around outside or help around the house. An hour or two in front of the television or computer is more than enough.

4 – Make sure that your child eats breakfast every day. Your children shouldn’t leave the house without some food in their stomach. Without breakfast their brain won’t be able to function correctly in class. They will lack concentration and be more likely to misbehave. Sugar free cereal with fruit, eggs on toast, beans or yoghurt with fruit are good breakfast options that will give your children the energy to burn until their next meal.

5 – Keep sugar out of the house during the week. Your child doesn’t need chocolate or biscuits every day. Nor do they need chips or fatty food. Fill up your fridge with fruit rather than sweets so that your children learn to eat healthy. Cook without oil and make meals denser by adding more vegetables. You and your kids are going to be healthier during the school year.