Back to School Lesson Plans and Activities

Getting back into the swing of school and learning can be more difficult for some than others. There are some children who have had a wonderful summer vacation and dread having to start getting up early again to go to school. Then, there are those who have been bored by not seeing all their friends and just can’t wait until the new year starts. Teachers will have the same mixed emotions, as well.

Being prepared with some great new lesson plans and activities can make the transition go so much smoother for everyone.

Choosing lessons to ease the students back into the routine of school is so much more beneficial than just jumping right in.

A good assignment for any grade level to start the year off with is to have each student to share his or her summer experience with the class. Give them different ideas as to how the assignment can be prepared and allow them to choose how they do it.

Some may want to write their experience in a report while others may be more creative and want to make a collage or poster. How they choose to prepare the assignment will help the teacher to learn more about them. Not only does this activity show a child’s areas of strength and weakness, but also the amount of creativity they have. It’s a great tool for helping a teacher to assess each student’s area of need, while at the same time getting to know him or her better.

It’s not only the teacher who benefits from this sort of assignment. It’s a rewarding activity for the entire class. By sharing personal experiences with one another, the students learn more about each other. They often realize they have common interests with different classmates. This sometimes results in bonds being formed and new friendships being made. The biggest benefit, however, is the ice is broken. Learning something about each other makes them feel less awkward and creates a better atmosphere for learning as a group.

By starting the year off with a more personal activity, both students and teacher feel more at ease and connected to each other. The classroom is no longer filled with strangers. By giving students a certain amount of control in the first assignment, their outlooks toward school become less negative. When the entire classroom has a positive attitude the hard part is done and the new school year can begin.