Back to School School Schedule how to Prepare your Child for the Beginning of the School Year

Although most of us as parents love to see our kids go back to school, we may have a different reason for being happy than the one that we should be. During the course of the summer, a typical child, no matter what their age, will say the phrase “I’m bored” at least a hundred times. If you find you are hearing that phrase on a daily or almost daily basis, then maybe it is time to get your child involved in some type of activities in an organized setting where they can burn of some energy doing something that they enjoy. That way when school comes near, they have filled their summer with all of the leisurely activities that they can and are ready to get back into the swing of things.

Once the last few weeks of summer near, it is time to sit down and talk about the expectations that you will have for your children once school starts. Make sure that they understand that their grades need to be at a certain level for them to be able to participate in sports or any other activities that they may enjoy. If their grades are not on target, they miss out. This will not only get them to think responsibly about their success as a student, but it will also help them to understand that there will be consequences to their actions if they are not doing what is expected of them. If these expectations are laid out and discussed to make sure that your child understands them, they will be less stressed out about them and they will feel more confident that they can meet them.

In order for kids to adjust to going back to school, they need to be organized. Make sure that they have everything that they will need to be able to complete their assignments and any class work that they are assigned by getting them the proper school supplies. This one thing alone will help them be better equipped to handle any stress about homework or the difficult math lesson that they were taught that day in class. If they need a certain type of calculator to get their math assignments completed, make sure that they have the specific one listed on their school supply list. The same goes with any other supplies that they may need. This is the most important thing that you can do to ensure their success in school. If they do not have the proper equipment, they will not be able to complete their assignments.

If you either stay at home with your kids during the summer or you work at home, your child is probably used to going to bed later and getting up later than they typically would during the school year. A few weeks before school starts, begin to get your child back on a regular schedule for school by setting an earlier bedtime gradually until they are back on their school year schedule. If you do not do this before school is going to start, your child will be too tired to concentrate effectively on their teachers and this could dramatically affect the good start that they could get if they were well rested. The beginning of the school year is an important time for your child because this is typically the time of the year where the teacher will lay out the rules of the classroom and the expectations that they have for the students of the class. If your child is not well rested and alert for all of this useful information that will usually set the tone for the rest of the year, then they will be missing out on a lot.

For a child, going back to school can be stressful for a variety of reasons. Your job as their parent is to be sure that you are doing everything that you can to alleviate some of this stress so that your child is free to concentrate on the things that are the most important to being a successful student. Following a few simple steps will help your child transition back into the swing of things for school.