Back to School Tips for Children with Food Allergies

Life can be tough when you have a child with food allergies.  However, it can be even scarier when you know your child has to face food issues at school.  Allergies are frightening for both the child and the parents, they can even be life threatening.  Whether it’s the first day of school for your kid, or they are going back to school it is of the upmost importance that you know what to do for your child.  There are some tips that will help your child with food allergies as they head back to school.

* Contact The School *

Before school even starts you should contact the principal and explain what allergies your child has.  Talk with his/her teacher and inform them of the allergies and what reactions to look out for.  Be sure to tell them what foods your child can’t eat and the outcome of what will happen if they do eat these foods.  You will also want to talk to the school nurse, inform them of your child’s allergies, medications that need to be given, and foods that your child can’t eat or be in contact with. 

 You should be in contact with your childs school often to ensure that important information is relayed to whom it may concern.  Let the school staff know that they also need to be in contact with you regarding your childs allergies.  Even if they think your child has had a small reaction to something you want to know about it. 

* Talk To Your Child *

Even though your child is aware of their food allergies it is still important to talk about them before school.  Make sure your child knows what they can’t eat or come into contact with and make it known why they can’t eat certain foods.  While in school there are a lot of tempting days where treats will be brought in, but let your child know to never eat anything unless it is approved by you.  They already know what not to eat and what reaction they will have, but it is best to reiterate the message across as school can be a distracting experience.  Also, make sure they wear some sort of medical ID bracelet informing others of their food allergies. 

* Provide Food For Your Child *

Unfortunately, children with allergies won’t be able to eat a school meal.  You will have to pack a lunch for your child everyday and make sure they are not in contact with any foods that they are allergic to in the school cafeteria.  Provide snacks for your child too, and if parents are allowed to send food on special occasions make sure you are well informed of this.  You can provide your child with a safe alternative food instead.  Be sure your child’s teacher knows that your child can’t be in contact with any of the other students food. 

* Raise Food Allergen Awareness *

Arrange a time when you can go to your child’s school and discuss food allergies.  If more people have the knowledge there will be less chance of accidents happening.  It will also be an interesting day for the students too.  You can even bring a snack to show what foods your child is allowed to eat. 

Having a food allergy doesn’t mean your child can’t still have fun at school.  It just means that they have to be more cautious and aware of their allergies.  Although they are restricted to certain foods you can make those foods that they can eat fun for them.  Keeping these tips in mind will keep your child safe during school times.