Be Professional and Articulate

There are too many times that parents only visit with school personnel when there is a problem. In today’s busy world it is easy to see how this can happen and it does put a greater burden on handling conversations in an acceptable manner.

What really happened

Often times a parent has heard the child’s version of what happened at school. From the perspective of the student everything they say is true to them. The staff at the school may have a completely different perspective and what they report is true to them. A widespread quote comes to mind.

“There are two sides to every story and the truth lies somewhere in between.” Anonymous

When talking with school personnel it is just as important to listen to what they have to say as it was to listen to your child. They are professionals and they deserve your respect. They have a unique point of view that may be helpful in solving a situation.

Respect their free time

Working at a school is a job. If you want to discuss school business, make an appointment to speak with the staff member at school. Grocery stores, recess, sports games or personal homes are not the place to speak about important school matters. Whether it is the teacher, principal, coach, bus driver or lunch lady,  make an appointment.

Share ideas

No one knows your child and their personal situation better than you. You may be able to give school personnel some extra information that will help your child have a more successful school experience. Be open to suggestions the school personnel provides as well. If everyone takes on the attitude that we don’t know until we try it, there may be more success for everyone.

Schedule a follow up

It is important to follow through and see how the plan worked. Were the issues resolved? Is the student more satisfied with the situation? Are there things that others can benefit from because of this experience.

Common goal

Parents, student and school personnel have a common goal. They all want the student to be in safe, comfortable and nurturing  environment where the student can progress toward reaching full potential. When everyone keeps that goal in focus great things happen.


Each individual in the process deserves respect. It is a gift. You assume the best in everyone and if they fall short, you give them a hand up and help them learn to respect themselves. It doesn’t matter what your title or position is, you deserve respect.

Parents and school personnel are examples to students. If adults remember this in all their dealings, things will go well.