Best Advice for new Graduates

Graduation is an exciting time.  The doors of opportunity have burst open.  All that hard work has finally paid off.  Graduation is also a time to start making some important life decisions. As you begin to meditate over those decisions, remember these things.

* Don’t get unnecessary credit cards

When students first graduate from college, they are bombarded with credit card offers.  Although it is good to have at least major card, getting more than one is dangerous.  It is easy to ruin your credit while just trying to get out of the starting blocks.  As a new graduate, your income is not stable yet, so choose one card and let the others go.  Another piece of advice is to make on time payments to the card that you do choose.

*Have a budget and stick to it

Making a budget and sticking to it are vital. A new graduate’s income is limited, so it is important to manage any and all income.  By following this piece of advice, a new graduate is ensuring that they have a great financial future.

*Do some volunteering

Whether the new graduate is a high school or college, doing volunteer work them land a job in the future.  Although volunteering is not paid work, it does count as work experience.

*Have a professional resume

Potential employers will see your resume before they see you.  Having a professional resume can make the difference between getting the job or not.

*Accept entry level jobs

As a new graduate, it is so easy to suddenly find your dreams crushed by the difficulties of finding that first job.  Although the job you are offered may not be the job that you dreamed of, accept an entry level job.  These jobs don’t pay much, but they do offer you a chance to move up the ladder and gain needed work experience.

*Be patient

New graduates are usually anxious about finding that new job.  The sad reality is that finding a job takes time. So, a new graduate needs to be patient.

*Don’t give up on your dreams

Don’t let a few setbacks kill your dreams.  It may take a while to get the job that you long for, but continue to being patient and persistent.  

*Set Goals

An important piece of advice is to set goals.  Know what you want and have a plan to go about getting those things. Be sure to allow yourself the time you need to accomplish those goals.

 A new graduate has many opportunities before them.  Now is the time to seize those opportunities. Just remember to set goals, be patient, and see each day as a new opportunity.