Best Free Online Grammar and Plagiarism Checker

Part I – Best Free Online Grammar Checker

Manually checking an article for grammatical errors can be tiresome. This is especially true for lengthy articles which can span multiple pages. Therefore, an automated way of checking for these errors will be of great help to writers who don’t have the time or the patience for this tedious task. Of course, not all grammar checkers are perfect. Most, if not all, of these grammar checkers may miss a grammar mistake or two. In the end, it’s still the writer who will do the final editing. Here is a great website which offers free grammar checking online:


Don’t let this website’s URL fool you. It’s not just a free online spell checker but it also has additional features like a grammar checker and a thesaurus. This website also offers the same services in several languages including Australian English, U.K. English, French, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. It’s definitely a helpful tool for writers who are looking for a quick online grammar checker.

Part II – Best Free Plagiarism Checker

Veering away from the subject of grammar, let’s head on to a more controversial topic: Plagiarism. This is a completely different animal. There are some ignorant individuals out there who think that it’s OK to copy somebody else’s work and pass it off as their own. Little do they know that what they are doing is considered a crime and they can get severe penalties for it. Fortunately, there are many websites which can help a person search for plagiarized copies of their work. One such plagiarism checker is found in and it has already helped a lot of people catch these nasty plagiarists.’s Plagiarism Checker

This plagiarism checker is really easy to use. You just need to copy and paste your work in the provided text box, and it will scour the web for potential plagiarized copies of your work. Some plagiarists think that they can circumvent the plagiarism checking system by only copying some parts of an article. This is not a problem for Dustball’s Plagiarism Checker because it actually separates your work into sections and then compares each of these sections with whole documents. Even the craftiest plagiarist who takes snippets from different sources and then pastes them together to form a single article can’t fool this plagiarism checker!

If you still find yourself struggling with grammar or plagiarism issues, feel free to use these checkers as much as you can. Indeed, these are two of the most helpful online tools for a writer who takes his or her craft seriously.