Biodegradable Products Versus Chemical Cleaners

Many types of projects can be created to help individuals become more aware of the environmental status of our planet. Technology has made hundreds of breakthroughs within just the last few years, but the activity of humankind and the widespread use of chemicals is slowly destroying the place that we call home.

Humans continue to do things that cause harm to the Earth despite this truth. Automobile fumes, lawn mowers, air conditioners, pesticides, canned aerosol products and cigarettes are all extremely harmful to the environment. Greenhouse gases and man-made chemicals, such as those listed in the previous sentence, tear through the ozone, the planet’s main form of protection from the harsh, ultra-violet rays of the sun. Synthetic materials, like plastics, continue to be buried in dump sites and land fills all across the world. Pesticides, herbicides, and many other chemical agents are released into the atmosphere through many methods.

The planet is deteriorating at a steady rate, which makes it very important to use products in your home that are biodegradable. Take heart though, because it isn’t too late to make a change by using these biodegradable products for cleaning in lieu of using chemical methods.

Here is a project you can do to help make others aware that there is another viable option: Gather a dirty mirror or sheet of glass, a sheet of newspaper, painters’ or masking tape, and a spray bottle of chemical glass cleaner. Place a strip of tape directly down the center of the mirror. On one side, clean the glass with the chemical cleaner. On the other side, you will soak the newspaper in the vinegar just enough to saturate it, and proceed to scrub the dirty side of the mirror with it for about one minute. Now see for yourself – they should both be equally clean!

Another thing to note is that if you clean with vinegar, you’ll not only be helping the environment, but also helping yourself. In general, vinegar is cheaper than most chemical products that are traditionally used in today’s homes. If the savings don’t sell you, consider this; vinegar is non-toxic, which means you won’t need to worry about your children or pets ingesting or touching it and becoming ill.

It is important to spread this type of knowledge if we want to continue to be able to live on this planet. Recycle, use less heating or air conditioning, walk instead of driving when at all possible, unplug electronics when they aren’t in use, and use biodegradable products for cleaning, such as vinegar. In short, keeping our Earth in pristine condition is of supreme importance, and with this handy experiment you can show others how to help in their own manner.