Children do Learn with Music

Don McMannis, an expert on children’s music, was quoted saying, “Music has positive effects on people’s emotions and creativity. When we sing together, we synchronize our breathing and feel more connected.” He also says music activates three different centers of the brain at the same time: language, hearing, and rhythmic motor control. He is absolutely correct and that is why teachers use music to help children learn.

Scientific research has been done on music and learning for years. It is believed that music from the time an infant hears it in the nursery to the time they are listening to it as a teenager on their IPod, it helps to strengthens a child’s education.

So the question becomes how do teachers use music to help children learn? The answer is many things. For example, they use it to teach skills and character to their students. In kindergarten music is used for the students learning their alphabet. It helps because it has a happy melody that the children can remember. Notice how children of a young age can sing songs on the radio word for word. It is the same concept. They hear this familiar song repeatedly and they memorize it. Music is fun and exciting and keeps their attention, therefore, learning becomes fun and the interest to learn is even greater. This helps a child’s memory extensively.

Teachers are using music to teach counting, calendars and seasons, science and languages. Think of the song, “Are You Sleeping Brother John”. This song has some French in it and the children adapt to it very well and are so enthusiastic about learning how to speak another language. In this process they are also learning musical rhythms.  They will share these types of songs with their parents and friends and sing it over and over. This is something that they will never forget.

Friendships songs teach children about being good friends. What an important thing to teach them while they are singing and doing something they enjoy. The song “Make new Friends”, not only teaches them about friendships but teaches them about the shape a “circle”.

There are many songs children can sing in Physical Education classes that will help them to participate in exercising without realizing that is what they are doing.  What a wonderful thing to keep a child healthy.

Many schools take their class out in the halls in the morning to sing together as a school first thing in the morning. This is a great way to teach children about being a group. They feel like they belong and this gets them in a great mood for learning for the day.

Children learn when things are taught to them with excitement. Teachers love that music helps them to teach concepts to their students in such a positive manner and its fun for them. As you can see teachers use music in many ways to make learning fun. Remember when learning is fun, fun is learning!