Childrens Education

The subject of whether or not teachers and parents are taking a child’s education seriously enough can be a very sensitive subject for some people, depending on the individual situation. Take, for example, if a child is being raised by someone other than his or her biological parent or parents and the biological parent or parents have very little say in the child’s education. This can be a tough pill to swallow.

At the time this article is being written, most of our children have just gone back to school and some people feel that it is already okay to take a child out of school to go on vacation, even though their summer vacation from school of nearly three months has just ended. Some families’ excuse for this is that the vacation was already planned, or is mandatory for one reason or another, and the child has to attend. Some people also might argue that what they will be learning on the vacation is far more educational than anything that they might learn in the classroom. This can be emotionally traumatic to one or more of the parties involved if they feel strongly that the child’s education is the most important factor of the equation and that the child should only miss school if they are ill or there has been a death in the family or something of that nature, or weather-related problems not for vacation purposes, no matter how educational the vacation might be for the child.

When talking to the teachers and other school staff about the issue of children being taken out of school for vacation purposes, their response, sadly, is that their hands are tied. Legally there is no current way for educators to stop people from taking students out of school to go on vacation. But when asked some wish they had more leverage and a say in the matter of children missing school time to go on vacation when they have designated vacation dates already set for the school year where typically the families tend to stay home and do nothing because they do not want to be on vacation when everyone else is on vacation and the tourist destinations will be overcrowded with other families and their children.

So, to answer the original question on the table, some parents and teachers sadly are not taking the child’s education seriously enough and are in a sense just giving up on the child if they are advising that vacation during school time just for the fun of it is acceptable. The parent does not seem to care about the child’s school education, and the teacher sadly does not care if the child learns what they have to offer in school or not. This needs to change before our children completely lose interest in school all together and only care about what they feel they can learn outside of school.