Compare and Contrast Essays

How to write a compare and contrast essay

Writing essays sometime gets difficult and people tend out looking for ideas on how to write a particular type of essay. This is because each form of essay requires a different approach to writing. and contrast essay is one another form of essay writing where the writer compares and/or contrast two different items.

Examples of such essay writing include topics like:

Living in a village to living in a city Rainfall to snowfall Sleeping in a motel to Camping in the deep woods Being rich to being poor, etc.

But writing these types of essays is not that easy task if one does not have the proper knowledge required to carry out their writing. So the question is “How to write a compare and contrast essay.”  One can take up these steps while writing a compare and/or contrast essay:

First step

After you have received the topic on which you have to write your essay, start collecting ideas and do not forget to note them down. Pick up those ideas only that you feel are relevant to the topic. For writing a Compare and Contrast essay you would need some similarities and some difference between the items. So for this purpose, divide your paper into two parts and then note down the ideas in the sections accordingly.

For a better analysis of similarities and differences between the items one can also make use of Venn diagrams. Venn diagram represents two circles that overlap over one another at some part and each circle stands for some entity. The part that overlaps will represent the similarity and the part that does not overlap will show the difference. So, it is quite clear that Venn diagrams are a very good graphical method to show similarities and differences between the two items.

Second step

After collecting the ideas that one requires for writing the essay, one needs to decide about the organization of their essay. Organization is an essential part of writing an essay because this is what improve the presentation of your essay and makes it interesting and informative as well.

Two forms of organization are generally used for writing a Compare and Contrast essay:

Point-by-Point Comparison: In this mode of comparison the essay contains five portions or paragraphs in the following order –

Introduction: The first portion is basically an introductory paragraph where you start by general statement or quotation and then start converging toward your topic of interest.

First Topic: Compare and Contrast Essays pick up two topics and denote how the two are similar or dissimilar to each other. In this portion of the essay the first topic for comparison and/or contrast is dealt with Second Topic: In this section talk about the second topic in detail. Do not again start discussing in detail about topic one in this section as it has already been discussed before. Both topics together: Now, in this section one needs to analyze both the topics together, i.e. their similarities and dissimilarities. Concluding Section: In this portion of the essay the writer has to show his full knowledge over the topic and has to end the essay on a proper note. The writer should confirm his thesis on the matter. Block Comparison: In this type of essay the writer separates the two objects in two portions, talk about them separately. Including the Introduction and Conclusion the total length of the essay will be 4 paragraphs or sections.

These are the two steps that are quite essential to follow while writing a Compare and Contrast essay, but apart from these one also needs to follow some other things while writing.

The writer should be able to pick up his own take on the topic. He/she should have his/her own interpretation of the topic. Also keep checking your essay to avoid any error either grammatical or spelling mistake. These are some other suggestive method that the writer can follow while writing his/her Compare and/or Contrast essay.

By taking up these steps, writing compare and/or Contrast essay will become like a cakewalk for the writer. So, follow these steps and write the just right essay that is required by you.