Competition in Schools and Colleges Leads to Higher Quality Work – Yes

Generally competition across the board is a good thing, and whether competition in schools and colleges leads to higher quality work is a matter of opinion.  Higher quality work in schools and colleges is something for which students should strive to achieve.  The use of competition in our schools and colleges can be beneficial, but it depends on the purpose.  Competition between students, such as a debating team, does lead to higher quality work, as most students do not want to be embarrassed or embarrass their schools in any competition.

Another aspect of this question is the fact we are all human beings, and as such we are prone to competition in our lives, and a school environment is no different.  Competition in schools and between schools takes place every day.  Colleges compete for students through various marketing efforts which sometimes include financial assistance.  Competition can take place with regards to the education that an individual can receive from a college or university.  Many schools are known for a certain specialty, which is not a bad thing it is just that it concentrates on specific career fields.  Individuals who have chosen a specific career field will tend to go to a college or university where then can receive the necessary subjects to make their chosen field a reality.

Competition even in specific fields of education can also have some competition from other institutions.  While some schools will focus on a specific field, it does not mean that other educational institutions cannot provide the same degree of quality education for specific fields.  Along with this comes the competition of those who will or those who have the experience and knowledge to teach specific subjects.  It is important that any educator have the necessary qualifications and recognition to teach the subjects for which they have been hired.  Highly specialized fields of instruction bring competition for the sometimes-limited resources available to teach specific subjects.       

Competition between schools for teachers and students is a natural part of our educational system.  It does, however, exist in all levels of our educational institutions both public and private.  Competition also exists in the ranking and evaluations educational organizations receive – not only from government, but from private organizations.  Schools are constantly under the gun to project a quality education for those who choose or are required to attend them based on their town of residence.

The result of a quality education can be seen in the quality and character of the students who graduate and enter society.  Institutions of higher learning such as a college or university sometimes give an edge to individuals who graduate from specific educational institutions.  Sometimes it can be the result of the individuals doing the interview having graduated from the same learning institution.  Those who do not have this edge must present themselves in such a way as to identify why they are the best choice for the position they are seeking.  What an individual has learned in any education environment must be connected to the position at hand. 

Competition exists between schools and colleges in the workplace environment in how students present themselves.  Learning institutions must instill in their students how to project themselves as a product of their institution in how they are better by having chosen or attended specific educational organizations.