Confidence Helps Heal Test Anxiety

Most students try to approach a test with some working knowledge and good study habits. Many find that even if they are prepared,  they have test anxiety and can not seem to get the thoughts onto the paper. However, success breeds success. Often times all a student has to do is get a great score on a tough test and things seem to fall into place.

It is not that it magically happened. It is a combination of how the student prepared, what kind of test was delivered and how much confidence the student has approaching the next exam.

Some tools that are helpful when it comes to passing a tough exam have not changed much. It seems like back to basic is the way to go.

* Managing study time

There are only 24 hours in a day. It is consistent and can not be changed. Cramming for an exam has never been the best way to study. So create good study habits. Study as you go works best for most students. Reviewing material while it is fresh and then revisiting the information in a relaxed manner is helpful.

*Know your learning style

Once you determine your learning style spend 80 percent of your time studying in that manner. If you are an auditory learner, use that method first.

*Prepare for the specific type of test

Is the test multiple choice, essay, true or false or a combination of all of these. Most teachers are anxious for students to succeed and will be happy to provide testing information and even practice tests. Set up the study tools to resemble the test.

*If it worked last time, do it again

Once you have passed a tough test take some time to evaluate what you did differently. Did you study with a group? Did you spend more time yourself? Did you listen to music when you studies? Whatever you did the last time try and follow a similar strategy.

*Get enough rest

It is a proven fact that if you are rested you will be able to concentrate better.  One student finally resorted to going to a hotel the night before big exams and found that made a major difference in the score and how much rest he got.

Confidence is something is built over time. Be confident when you are in class and pay attention. Be confident as you study, you have been successful. Be confident in the way you prepare yourself for the test.