Creative Bulletin Board Ideas for Music Teachers

A bulletin board can be a great way for a music teacher to decorate his or her classroom.  There are many different ways that one can craft such a display.  Consider the following ideas.

Start with a great background

First you want to make sure that your background is attractive.  There is much more that you can do instead of a simple white paper background.  For instance, you can take some fabric and line the back of the bulletin board.  They make fabric that is related to music such as fabric with musical notes on it. You will find a lot of different types of fabrics online and in fabric stores.  Another idea is to use wrapping paper.  You might be able to find something that has different instruments on it.  You can also line it with gold or silver wrapping paper, which might be reminiscent of the metal so many instruments are made from.  You can even line it with pages of sheet music. 

Celebrate the different types of instruments

One great bulletin board is to celebrate the different instruments that the children play.  You can have photographs of them.  You or the children can make little 3D models on them, which you can then hang.  You can also have the children draw pictures of the instruments that they play and hang those up as well.  You can have some writing describing the different types of instruments as well as their history.

Have a theme of music around the world

Music has been called the universal language.  In all corners of the world you hear it whether it is from sophisticated instruments or just the humming of simple people.  You can explore the different types of music that appears with photographs and information.  You can focus on certain countries.  You can talk about how music evolved differently in different places and its cultural significance.  You can also have the children do reports on these and post them on the board.

Create a famous musicians board

You can also explore the amazing musicians who have shaped the music we hear today.  You can explore the famous composers such as Beethoven.  You can talk about classic groups such as the Beatles.  You can also talk about today’s music, which may help to draw the children in.

A bulletin board can be a great tool for music teachers to teach their students.  Consider the above creative ideas when crafting your board.