Determined to Succeed

Before determination can be developed and exercised the individual needs to have a goal. What are they going to be determined about? Determination does not come out of thin air but needs some stimulus. It could be to please parents, it could be the pleasure of success  itself or to escape the fate of unsuccessful parents. To be determined on a successful school career the child has to have insight into possibilities which will become available to them and all too often adults do not recognize children do not have the same picture that they do of the educational world. Determination to succeed has to be fostered in some way. 

School success depends on many things, such as the proficiency of the teachers, the atmosphere to learning in the establishment and peer pressure as well as the aspirations of ambitious, or merely hopeful, parents. Sometimes a poorly taught subject can interest the pupil to do research on their own to try and understand the material. Overcoming a culture of mockery of learning is a difficult one and requires considerable character in the individual. There has to be a firm understanding of what they are trying to achieve. A loving family is a supportive one who will encourage and help the child in their efforts even if they parents do not have the education themselves.  

It is difficult for a young person to have an overall view of education because they are under the influence of those around them. However, even when everything is adverse, a child might be able to recognize that the best way out of a bad environment is to pass exams and move onto better things. Achieving a reputation for determination to achieve is a sound starting point for any carreer. 

Having decided what they want to aim for, the child then has to cope with disappointment. An essay might not be quite right, a conclusion drawn might be irrelevant or the child failed to learn the material accurately for a test. Learning to deal with disappointment is a vital element in encouraging success. Many successful people have commented that its curious that the more they try the more success they have and there are numerous stories about famous people who tried and tried again before they achieved success. This is a very subtle lesson to learn and one that is not always obvious when things are not going well. 

Determination is an admirable trait. It is, however, one that needs to be nurtured and encouraged.