Education for a Student – Students

As a student I can say that the money collected and earned for education is all used for the students benefit. The textbooks, the computers, and literature books that are bought and assigned to us all hold information that is vital to our future. To prepare us for college, or high school, information is needed and the fact that aside from the textbooks assigned to us to learn these skills in specific subjects, we are now allowed to use the inter net. Students such as myself are privileged with the inter net, not just because of its access to extra information, but because it is paid for with the money that is there for the simple purpose that is our education. Money collected for education is spent on brand new textbooks, new computers, novels, pencils, paper, to expand the libraries in schools etc. all of which in different ways can help students learn and advance. Schools now organize clubs, organizations, extra curricular activities, and tutoring programs to keep students motivated and help ones in need. From english to math, science to history, J.R.O.T.C. to P.E. money is spent to make sure that the students have what it is that they will need to help them learn and advance to higher levels in education. Tools such as writing log handbooks are bought for the students to keep, rulers and compasses for math or drafting, paint and brushes for art and design, tubes and chemicals are purchased for experiments in sciences. Everything from a uniform for P.E. or J.R.O.T.C. to a piece of paper and a pencil are all purchased with the money for education. Some of the money that is left over in that year or the year after, even years to come will also be used by schools to help certain student through college with a scholarship program that is already known or one that may be created in a split decision or sudden thought. That extra money, if there is any is still used on students, to help them learn and advance in education and prepare them for college so that they may go on and complete their career goals and be successful in life. Experiments in chemistry with chemicals and elements are paid for and carefully prepared for by the school, portraits around school are painted by art classes with materials bought by the school boards, and our schools fields where the athletes give their best to bring them as well as the schools to that spotlight we all at some point desire are kept beautiful with that money. All the materials or places at school that we as students use are paid for with money for our education. In health class we learn about our bodies and the harm that can be done to it, we learn sexual education to prepare us for our personal lives with those special people. If a student wants to study and learn in any specific subject, or wants to learn any foreign languages, they can do so thanks to the money spent on education to provide them with those programs, to prepare us for what college or our future if in case we choose not to go to college may throw at us. So that we are ready, strong and willing to take on challenges and complete tasks that are given or expect of us, and to prove that we can come out on top when others expect that we will not.