Education in 2012 Concerns of Parents

With such a strong focus on subjects such as algebra, foreign language, and science, most kids are not learning what they need to know to enter the adult world. They cannot count change, do not know how to balance a checkbook, they have no idea how to apply for a job and they have no idea how government works.

Parent’s have so many concerns about education in 2012. One of the biggest concerns is whether or not kids will graduate with the basic skills it takes to be successful in the adult world.  There is nothing wrong with learning algebra, foreign language, and science, but a stronger focus needs to be placed on skills kids need to enter the adult world.

Counting change

One of the most important skills a person can learn. Many jobs require this ability, it is also necessary to know how to count change just so that merchants do not cheat you. If a person does not know how to count change they are at the mercy of the stores and restaurants they visit. Counting change is a simple skill that schools fail to focus on.

Business Math

Schools no longer require students learn business math. By straying from business math schools are not teaching students the skills they need to take care of their own finances. Simple things such as balancing a checkbook are no longer being taught. It is important for kids to know about finances, and how to balance a checkbook to survive in the adult world. If the education system is not teaching this skill, they are failing to prepare kids for their financial future.

How to apply for a job

Schools used to teach kids how to apply for a job. They no longer focus on this skill. Applying for a job is sometimes harder than doing the job itself. Kids need to be prepared as to how to apply for a job.


Schools do not teach about government anymore. Kids are our future voters and they need to know how the government works so that they can vote properly. They are the ones who will run the country someday. If none of the kids today learn how government works or how to run a country, once they are the adults who run the world, they will not know how it should be done. They will also be uneducated and not know what or why they are voting.

Parent’s biggest concern about education in 2012 is that schools are placing too little focus on the skills that students need to have so that they can successfully enter the adult world.