Educational Optionsreason enough


It seems to be the new trend of teachers these days, to phone parents, when they cannot handle some-body else’s child, almost, as if they should not be teachers at all. The days when a child was at school – whatever happened in the school day – was dealt with, and unless the parent was told by the child, no-one but those concerned, even knew what took place. Now the common behavior of both teacher and children, clashing, is treated like some kind of crime. What is going on?

It is a known old biblical-like saying, that out of the mouths of babestruth speaks.’ Yet, if they speak this truth – even something as minor as saying they don’t like, or even can’t handle’- something, (in this case a school subject) it’s another crime!

As responsible parents, try – their job is to raise their child with love, morals, and responsibility – and in for some children, it would take a lot of provocation to arouse such response as called for a phone call, to the parent. A teacher’s job is to deal with a child while they are in the teacher’s care – with care – and with a more mature understanding than just a shouting match between a student and a teacher. If there are problems with a subject matter, it is the teacher’s job to coax – not reprimand or punish a child – just because they themselves do not like the fact that the scholar is not happy with the subject.

If for example, the subject being Commercial’ – every child, and even adult, finds at some point in their life – when some things’ are just not for them. There is nothing wrong with that. Even if they have almost reached the end of the Course, it does not mean it has to be right, or they have to be a failure for the whole of that year in the school (as the teacher implies.) There has to be a more underlying factor to this whole scenario for it to be that bad !

What has a school become these days, that punishment for such minor things, is the teacher’s only way out? What does a student achieve by this? Or is it just the teacher’s power trip/control, of not being able to speak more reassuringly, rather than a disturbing confrontation of a child in front of a whole class room. Peer pressure is a known common denominator amongst children, and young adults. Does it have to come from some-one, called a teacher, in whose care we trustingly leave our children in, for all of their school lives.

That is longer than they spend at home daily, between the moments they leave the door, to arriving back home. Do they have to bring – just like adults do – these problems home with them? Or, even have teachers phoning with the very things they themselves cannot handle? Even as parents, can things be discussed properly, if a teacher hangs up’ because there’s not enough time’ ? Why phone if there is not?

Better to save both teacher and pupil and parent this pressure – and for once give the student the benefit of the doubt – take the responsibility themselves on the chin like the more mature of both – and just either help the child, or let it be. It is not, called escape’ but Reason.

Reason enough to see more good in the child than pure failure for a year because of one subject they are not suited to. Perhaps it could lead to more incentive, called encouragement, with what they excel in, or even a new alternative subject they might enjoy better, and still lead them in the direction of their future help. Even a teacher, or a layer, or accountant, needs a mechanic! Or the Queen, a farmer.

Why did a teacher become a teacher? Because it was their choice! So also, when a child begins to grow into a young adult – into a fine well-mannered one (unless sticking up for his/her rights,) and some parents encourage this. That is life! This is the only time, this kind of behavior is expressed through frustration. Nagging anyone only turns them away.

In truth, this has become a whole subject matter, which schools in general – could debate the whole matter, of what child-teacher relations have become these days – compared to when no parent, was phoned, unless the child was expelled.

This might help teachers to take their roles more like adults, and not the children they proclaim to teach. Take the subject matter to the School Board, and work on how to improve these relationships. Because in the long term, they can only help, both the teacher, and the pupils who we, the parents, pay to teach. Just imagine, if you had no job, because we had reached a time when students could teach teachers another way of learning!

Maybe it really is time, to consider the individual child’s interests more, than the teacher’s subjects given out as compulsory in schools, when there is more to life, than just these subjects.

After all – teachers are only human, like their pupils and parents, – and most are parents too. We all have our tired days’ – or are they called off’ – but most teachers get more vacations than all other parents, so should get more time to recuperate.

So for all our sakes, and peace of mind – just get on with tomorrow – and today might just be another history lesson